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Corrupting a Database For Fun

When you’re not expecting it, database corruption is bad for your database server (and probably your own personal health). Database corruption can be fun though when you’re the one doing the corrupting. Let’s take a look at corrupting a database and see what we can learn. It’s Just One of Those Days First, let’s create … Continue reading Corrupting a Database For Fun

Updating dbatools

I recently took a look at keeping up with SQL Server updates by utilizing dbatools and thought it would be helpful to take a look at staying up to date with dbatools. Updates for everything! Release Early and Often The first sentence on the dbatools download page references the belief in releasing early and releasing … Continue reading Updating dbatools

Keeping Up With SQL Updates

How often do you check for SQL Server updates? I usually check once a week just to see what’s out there, even if it’s not on a version I’m worried about in production. Maybe there was a hotfix released for an issue that I’d be interested in or maybe I just want the latest and … Continue reading Keeping Up With SQL Updates

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