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Deleting Duplicate Records

Have you ever needed to delete duplicate records from a table? If there is only one duplicate in a table then simply running something like DELETE FROM Table WHERE ID = @DupRecord will do the trick. What happens when the problem is found after multiple records are duplicated? Will tracking them all down be more … Continue reading Deleting Duplicate Records

Turn On Trace Flag 3226

A few days ago, we looked at how to check for enabled trace flags and how they are turned on/off. Today, let’s look at how trace flag 3226 alters the way SQL Server logs backup information. So Many Backups How many databases are you managing on an instance? Only a few? Maybe a few hundred? … Continue reading Turn On Trace Flag 3226

Customizing With Trace Flags

Trace flags are used to turn certain settings on or off in SQL Server. They can range from suppressing backup logs to affecting query plans. While some can be turned on from the beginning of a SQL Server install, you may be more likely to turn a trace flag on as a result of dealing … Continue reading Customizing With Trace Flags

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