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Checking tempdb Usage

The tempdb database in SQL Server holds a little bit of everything over its existence. There can be the temporary tables that you created, work tables like spools that SQL Server creates, version store data, and much more in tempdb at any time. Is your tempdb having a hard time keeping up with the workload … Continue reading Checking tempdb Usage

Hate for Heaps

Heaps get a bad rap but is it justified? Most of the time, I’d say the answer is “yes.” Let’s dive into some heap scenarios. What is a Heap? A table is considered a heap when it is created without a clustered index. Data isn’t in any type of ordered state. Some data is over … Continue reading Hate for Heaps


Thanks to Robert for his comment on the last post that then spawned this post. In the example about sargable dates, I thought I would go with the more simple look and only use dates instead of adding the times. The point is to look at sargability, right? Well, here’s an example on why you … Continue reading The Space BETWEEN

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