What About Filtered Indexes?

We would all be happy if tables in our databases only contained the data we need. In reality, we tend to have data that needs kept for legal purposes or “just in case” something happens. Are you querying a table where queries only care about a fraction of the data? When optimizing a query that … Continue reading What About Filtered Indexes?

The Mystery of Australian Time

As I was browsing the internet last week, I stumbled across this post on Reddit highlighting the five official time zones of Australia: As someone who has had to deal with comparatively easy one hour time zone increments in the United States, this image made me cringe. The comments in the post made me aware … Continue reading The Mystery of Australian Time

Deploying a DACPAC

In my last post, we created a DACPAC in SSMS. Now, it’s time to use that DACPAC to create a new database and update an existing database. Brand Spanking New What if we want to use our DACPAC to create a new database using SSMS? Our first step will be to right click on Databases … Continue reading Deploying a DACPAC

Creating DACPACs for Deployments

How are you deploying updates to your databases? Do you run a SQL script that you receive from developers? Maybe you have a SQL job that takes a script stored at a specified location and applies it to all user databases. Another option for deploying updates that you may not be as familiar with is … Continue reading Creating DACPACs for Deployments

Indexes and Included Columns

In my previous blog post, we saw how using INCLUDE to add a column to an index can make a difference compared to a key column. Let’s do a quick overview of INCLUDE and when it should be used. Included columns are columns that can added to an index as non-key columns. They are only … Continue reading Indexes and Included Columns


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