Are Forced Plans Always Forced?

Query Store is useful for forcing a beneficial plan. What if something changes that makes the forced plan impossible to use? Let’s look at an example of that today. Building a Rep Let’s use the StackOverflow 2013 database and create a test procedure that returns information from the Users table based on a user DisplayName: … Continue reading Are Forced Plans Always Forced?

Insert IIS Logs Into SQL Server

Digging for information in IIS logs by opening individual files can be tiresome. Perhaps you’re tracking connections from a certain client. Maybe you were tasked with tracking what browsers are accessing your websites. Regardless of the reason, opening a file in notepad to scroll or pressing CTRL-F to dig for information isn’t fun. Instead, search … Continue reading Insert IIS Logs Into SQL Server

T-SQL Tuesday #152 – A Rant

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday invitation comes from Deborah Melkin. We’re invited to give a good rant about a database topic that we’re passionate about. For the full invite post, click the T-SQL Tuesday image below: Beware The Quiet Ones I’m not usually one for ranting. Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments. Everyone does. … Continue reading T-SQL Tuesday #152 – A Rant

Gotcha When Setting Variable

Did you know there is more than one way to set a variable in SQL Server? You can actually set a variable without using “SET” at all. Let’s look at an example that shows how setting a variable with SELECT can cause a headache when dealing with identical values. One and Only? What if we … Continue reading Gotcha When Setting Variable

SQL Statement Categories

Since you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably used to running different types of SQL statements. Do you ever stop to consider what category those statements fall into? Maybe you’ve heard the acronyms DML and DDL tossed around but don’t know what those mean. Maybe you’re not familiar with the acronyms DCL and TCL. Let’s … Continue reading SQL Statement Categories

SQL Server 2022 Public Preview

I’m a little bit behind on this topic so chances are the blog post title and contents aren’t a big surprise. SQL Server 2022 private preview was announced last November. As of a few weeks ago, the public preview is available for download. If you’re interested and want to check it out for yourself, head … Continue reading SQL Server 2022 Public Preview


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