Always Backup WITH CHECKSUM?

When you’re specifying WITH CHECKSUM as you’re backing up databases, SQL Server will use checksums to help catch any inconsistencies with pages. This seems like a setting that you should always use and would expect to be a default setting. So why doesn’t SQL Server include it by default? They Are Who We Thought They … Continue reading Always Backup WITH CHECKSUM?

Multiple Counts in One Query

Have you have been tasked with pulling multiple counts from the same table? Maybe you need to find how many records have a value for a column and how many are NULL. Or maybe you need to see how many records are true and how many are false. It’s simple enough to run a query … Continue reading Multiple Counts in One Query

Synonyms in SQL Server

Are you familiar with synonyms as they relate to SQL Server? I haven’t seen them used too much out in the wild but understand they can have benefits. Let’s take a look at what synonyms are in SQL Server and some common reasons for implementing them. So Close A synonym in SQL Server allows you … Continue reading Synonyms in SQL Server

Dropping Offline Databases

…Oops. “Oops” is not a word you want to utter often as a database administrator. Sure, accidents happen (who hasn’t missed that WHERE clause when deleting data) but there are steps you can take to minimize problems that will ruin your day, week, etc. Let’s look at a few ways to delete databases that supposedly … Continue reading Dropping Offline Databases


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