SQL Server 2022 Is Coming

The next SQL Server version was announced today at the Microsoft Ignite 2021 annual conference. Check out the video below for Bob Ward’s highlights on what’s to come with SQL Server 2022:

My highlights on those highlights…

There is a lot of focus on the cloud and hybrid workloads which isn’t too surprising. That is the future, right?

The demo makes it look quick and easy to failover to Azure SQL Managed Instance and then back to SQL Server 2022. I’m curious to test that out myself.

Features like Azure Synapse Link and Azure Purview integration look interesting but are not something that I’m going to be working with too often. I’ll read up some more on those features but they weren’t something that blew me away.

You Have My Attention

What I’m most interested in is the Parameter Sensitive Plan optimization feature. With this feature enabled, multiple plans can be stored for a parameterized statement. Just like the demo of going back and forth between SQL Managed Instance and SQL Server 2022, there’s not much work involved to flip the switch for a potential performance boost. Will this mean no more parameter sniffing problems? Will parameter sniffing become a “back in my day” story? Time will tell.

Sliced Bread

Looking for more info on SQL Server 2022? Check out https://aka.ms/SQLServer2022 for further reading. If you’re eager to try SQL Server 2022 and make that compatibility switch to 160, check out https://aka.ms/EAPSignUp to apply for the private preview.

Thanks for reading!

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