PASS Data Community Summit 2021 Underway

Today begins day two of the PASS Data Community Summit 2021.

I was able to watch a couple of sessions yesterday morning like the live “Query Store in-Depth” by Ola Hallengren and the “Identify Poorly Performing Queries – Three Tools You Already Own” by Grant Fritchey. Most of what I watched today were Q&A format and I need to go back to view the related On-Demand recordings. I watched some of those this afternoon but I only scratched the surface.

I have high hopes to sign on for more live events today and tomorrow but my work calendar has other ideas.

Tick Tick Tick Ticking Away?

Have you been wanting to check out sessions this week but are also short on time? Good news! On-demand recordings are available for up to 6 months. The Q&A seems to be up to presenter whether or not it gets recorded so those may only be live. Still, it’s nice knowing there’s so much time to watch any content that peaks your interest.

Before the pandemic hit, I had a weekly reminder to pull up the SQLSaturday site and glance over any materials that were posted. Those days are in the past but now we can all have some new material to keep us busy.

I hope you’ve had a chance to take advantage of all the free training sessions and can check out more over the next few days (or months). If you haven’t already, head over to to see what’s available.

Thanks for reading!

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