T-SQL Tuesday #145 – Meeting in Person

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday topic comes from Xavier Morera who asks a handful of questions about tech conferences and meeting in person. Check out the invitation post at the link below:

Which is your favorite conference and why?

The last real tech conference I went to in person was an embarrassingly long time ago. Back in October 2015, I made it to Pittsburgh for a “Developer’s Guide to SQL Server Performance” Brent Ozar pre-con and SQLSaturday.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’d periodically check the SQLSaturday site for slides or presentation notes. They were helpful even if I couldn’t make it in person which made those events a favorite.

Which is the best venue that you have visited for a tech conference?

The event mentioned above was at the Pittsburgh Technical Institute. It was my first time there and seemed to be a good place for this type of event. There were times when it felt crammed but not too bad overall.

If I had to give a food recommendation for Pittsburgh, it would be Primanti Bros. Go with a Pitts-burger. Being there as a Browns fan was tough but worth it.

Who is the best presenter that you have ever listened to?

I have to go with Brent Ozar. Whether it’s blog posts, YouTube/twitch videos, or in person presentations, I always feel like I’m going to learn something new and be entertained.

Which location would you like for your next event to take place and why Costa Rica?

When I think of Costa Rica I think of nicer weather than what we currently have in Ohio right now. It’s getting to be that time of year where I have to bundle up just to take the dog out before bed.

I did some googling and it turns out that right now is one of the best seasons to get to Costa Rica:

Sign me up!

Ready to Meet in Person?

I can’t say I feel too comfortable going back into a small space with dozens or hundreds of people. Admittedly, I felt that way pre-pandemic and it hasn’t completely changed…yet.

Nevertheless, online conferences aren’t the same as being surrounded by a group of people that are eager to teach and learn. There’s part of me that’s ready to get back out and try being in that type of public environment again. I’m hopeful that in 2022 I can make that happen.

It’s been way too long.

Thanks for reading!

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