SQL Server 2022 Public Preview

I’m a little bit behind on this topic so chances are the blog post title and contents aren’t a big surprise.

SQL Server 2022 private preview was announced last November. As of a few weeks ago, the public preview is available for download. If you’re interested and want to check it out for yourself, head over here to grab it.

Grab a Shovel

If you’re looking for a place to start digging into SQL Server 2022 changes, there is a good list of Bob Ward’s highlights in this recent Data Exposed episode:

There were two parts in the video and the list that stuck out to me.

First, parameter sensitive plan (PSP) optimization. I don’t think it’s clear exactly how far this will go with solving parameter sniffing. While it seems there will certainly be less parameter sniffing issues, I’m not sure that parameter sniffing will be eliminated completely. This will be worth keeping an eye on.

Second, system page latch concurrency which will help to avoid tempdb contention and potentially lead to “a hands free tempdb.” I haven’t seen any recent demos but it sounds like they’re coming (or may be out there by the time this is posted). Sometimes SQL Server can pick acceptable defaults. Sometimes they are downright awful. Hopefully, these defaults will be on the good side.

For a more complete list of features, check out Microsoft’s What’s New in SQL Server 2022 Preview. There you will find a breakdown by category with summaries of changes and improvements.

Also On Linux

Are you interesting in the latest SQL Server version on Linux? That public preview was recently made available as well. For installation instructions, check out this link.


I’ve seen a couple changes and features that would make good blog post topics so that might be what’s coming up in the near future.

Thanks for reading!

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