SQL Server 2022 Released

It was last December when the first CTP for SQL Server 2022 was made available. Last week, on November 16, SQL Server 2022 was officially released.

Gather ‘Round

I felt like putting together a small roundup of blogs/links around the newest SQL Server release and came up with the links below. Some links are older, some are relatively new. All of them have useful information.

When you need some reading material after a big Thanksgiving dinner this week, give these a read.

If you’re looking for details about what’s new in SQL Server 2022, check out this article:

The Microsoft SQL Server blog has had a series devoted to SQL Server 2022. Plenty of good info can be found here:

Documentation is great, but what about how real users have been experimenting with SQL Server 2022? If you’re curious, check out the T-SQL Tuesday invitation from September and the blog posts at the bottom from various blogs:

Brent Ozar noticed an interesting catch related to installing and licensing SQL Server 2022:

Turkey Time

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may the forks be with you!

Thanks for reading!

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