A Database Poem by ChatGPT

OpenAI recently announced it’s new AI chatbot, ChatGPT. Simply ask a question or make a request and ChatGPT will have a response. It’s currently free to use and sucked up more of my weekend than I’d like to admit. I recommend checking it out but know that it can be addicting.

Few topics seem to be off the table. I’ve seen examples of users plugging in exam questions for answers, asking ChatGPT to write Seinfeld episodes, and writing poems in the form of Shakespeare and Dr. Seuss.

I asked it to write a blog post for this week based on a few keywords and it did the job quite well. But what would the fun in that be? Instead, putting my own spin on some other examples I’d seen, I asked it to “write a fun poem about a struggling database administrator.”

Here was the result:

Once a database administrator named Joe
Was feeling quite down, don’t you know
His queries were slow
And his tables wouldn’t grow
But still, he had to let his data flow

He tried every trick in the book
But still, his server would cook
He was getting quite fed up
But he refused to give up

He kept on working through the night
And finally, everything was just right
His tables were clean
And his queries were keen

Now, Joe is the king of the land
His database is running as planned
No more struggling, no more strife
Thanks to his hard work and his database life

Thanks for reading!

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