Deleting an AWS RDS Instance

We’ve created an AWS RDS instance and logged into it successfully. One thing to remember when creating test instances is when to them when you’re finished. While a lot of test instances I’ve created have been free tier, it’s still good to clean up rather than leave instances lingering. Today, let’s clean up a test instance.

Delete the Obsolete

From the AWS RDS Console, we’ll select RDS and view our databases just as we did when retrieving the endpoint. We’ll select our database. click the Modify button, and click the Delete option:

AWS has some safeguards in place to make sure you’re positive you want to delete an instance. We’re presented with the following questions before proceeding:

Since this was created as a test, I’m not concerned about a final snapshot or retaining backups. There’s nothing of value to keep. With than in mind, we’ll tick the third checkbox acknowledging our answer:

There’s still another safeguard to get by so we can complete our deletion. We’re asked to type “delete me” into the provided field:

Once all of these steps are completed, we can click the Delete button:

Stop Long Enough to Say Goodbye

We’ll wait a few minutes for the deletion to complete:

And we’ll get message that the DB instance has been deleted.

Thanks for reading!

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